Q: Do The accounts work for in-store or online?
All accounts now work IN STORE AND ONLINE 

Q: What are Verified Accounts? 
Verified Accounts is Nike SNKRS accounts that had already verified with a real mobile number.(Nike send a sms to a mobile,we use this code to verify the account).Nike now only let you enter The Draw(in store / online) with account that had be verified with real phone number.For example:if you buy 200 accounts,you can enter the draw 200 times.That will very useful for raffle,Will increases your chances of win the raffle. 

Q: Do i need different payment / shipping for each account?
You do not need different payment or shipping info but it is recommended. 

Q: Can i choose the password for my accounts?
Yes, please leave your desired password in the order notes, if not one will be randomly generated for you. 

Q: Do you offer replacements?
Yes, We will help verifiy again in 1 month,Just send us the unverified account list. we will replace it free of charge! 

Q: Do you prepare all the information on the account?
Yes, we automatically and random prepare your first name and last name for each account. 

Q: Can i enter manual because i have not Nike Bots software?
Manual entery is ok,But if have lots of accounts,that is hard work,we suggest use Nike bot software like http://www.betternikebot.com 

Q: How do i enter the draw?
You can enter them manually, but if you have over 100 accounts we recommend using a bot such as Betternikebot,Easycop,Thesnkrsbot or NikeSlayer 

Q:Do i need Nike proxies?
No, Nike not care it 

Q: How do i get access to the accounts?
we will email a list with account name and password ASAP,you can use the account info to login Nike site or use for Bots software 

Q: Do you discount with bluk order?
Yes,More than $100 will auto got 10% Off,More than $300 will auto got 20% Off,if you need very bluk,welcome us to discuss. 

Q: How many accounts do you recommend?
For 5-10 pairs on a normal drop, 200 accounts
For limited drops like Off-White Jordan 1's, 500 accounts AT LEAST
For just 1 pair on a normal drop, 100 accounts
But we suggest buy lots,because many user also use our service! 

Q: How many accounts you creat?
No limit,we creat every day! 

Q: Can change email after order?
No,you need check correct email when order. 

Q: After Order,Nike send me a lots welcome emails ,what's going on?
That mean we is creating account for you,all account will forward to your email,it's ok 

Q: I just ordered 100 accounts,Nike only send me 90 WELCOME Emails,But the list has 100 accounts,It's that OK?
Yes,this is OK,The accounts in list all can be use. 

Q: What email will you make the accounts?
We ceart email with your gmail,and forward to you email,you will first time to know that you won the Draw. 

Q: I can't login the gmail that you send us
The accounts we send you not gmail accounts.can't login in gmail.that just account can login into the Nike.com or Nike.com/snkrs.you will got all email that forward to you. 

Q: I had already buy accounts,do i need different gmail buy more?
We suggest use a different Gmail with each order,That will be hard detect by Nike.But if you use same,that is no problem for us 

Q: When will you restock accounts
we creats account when get your order.After complete,will send you soon 

Q: Do i need to add my billing info to the account before the release?
No!you can add the info during the release 

Q: What phone number can i use during the release?
You can use any phone number that you like,it does not matter 

Q: Can i use bot software to enter the account?
Yes, that good. We recommend using http://www.betternikebot.com/ 

Q: How do i use the accounts with bot software?
You can learn the software by video at http://www.betternikebot.com